DDR Classroom Edition

The DanceDanceRevolution collection is an interactive video game that combines real physical dancing with dynamic music and visuals. DDR  also comes with a simple workout mode which allows players to monitor how many calories they burn as they play. As a video game, DDR has been nothing short of a revolution, but now the game was recognized by top researchers, schools and doctors as an advanced and attractive alternative to promoting a healthful lifestyle and fighting child obesity. Introducing DanceDanceRevolution Classroom Version! Boosting fun, fitness and team building abilities. Also, supplying seo teachers and parents with essential information about pupils including weight and body mass index (BMI), all the while creating possibilities to promote their child’s want to be healthy and lively.

Essential Features

  • Join up to 48 wireless Dance Mats to one PC game building an easy solution to get an entire class going at the same time
  • Track critical student metrics with individually assigned smart cards
  • Access into an active online interactive website community
  • Ability to create tournaments
  • Contains comprehensive lesson plan